Date: Fri, 26 Sep 2003 14:12:20 +0400

Dear Elisabetta de Carli Maruskova

I was lucky enough to join this year your agency.

This summer I for the first time have visited one of your meetings.

I was pleasantly surprised with that your agency completely differed from the American conjugal agencies. I have spent some years, visiting parties of two large conjugal agencies before, I might understand, that in these agencies it is impossible to find the man and to leave in marriage on that to the reason, that agencies work on a deceit, both men and and women, and in every possible way interfere with a marriage if relations between the man and the woman develop successfully. To women there concern disrespectfully, humiliate them in every possible way.

I have seen completely opposite at your meeting. And it is wonderful, that you do not employ here (on Ukraine) employees for your agency, and come on meetings personally. In your conjugal agency there was a valid relation to all women who has come on a meeting, and you did not allow men to have bad behaviour.

I was really very glad, when have seen your work and you am direct. It has given me hope, that I can find true, real the man for myself in your agency. I have brought up one my son. It was very difficult for making in my country. I had no time and an opportunity to spend my time for private life. I should work much.

At present I feel even more lonely, than ever.


Yours faithfully Valentina

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